Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Kung Fu classes
Exercises and routines to build strength, agility and graceful fighting principles.



Practical applications, fencing and tumbling
Exploring and using what we've learned in the other classes, explore fencing techniques or tumbling skills

Soft Style

Soft Style / Tai Chi

Conserving energy
A slower class with more focus on transferring weight.


6:30pm Tai Chi

7:30pm Kung Fu

8:30pm Advanced


7:30pm Kung Fu

8:30pm Advanced


5:00pm Tumbling

6:00pm Soft style (Tai Chi)

Adhoc classes £10 /class each £7 /concessions

A single session of any of the classes

Or pay monthly with our tiered system

Tier 1 £30 /a month

A class a week. £25 concessions

Tier 2 £55 /a month

two class a week. £30 concessions

Tier 3 £80 /a month

all classes. £35 concessions

* Concessionary members are students or anyone who is unemployed.


An annual membership fee of £18 is required to participate in sparring classes.